Monday, March 2, 2009

Woodland Fairy Party

The Birthday girl!

Grace's woodland fairy party was so much fun to host! It was chaotic- I had no idea that 9 girls could get so loud- but fun! You will have to excuse the lengthy post but one of my favorite parts of planning a party is the details (that most 7 year olds would probably never notice) and I thought I would share. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Grace was really interested in helping to get ready for her party. She had ideas for activities, helped make the cake and helped to set up. It was fun to do together!

The Theme
We decided to go with a whimsical woodland theme. Since she was turning seven I didn't want it to be too cutesy and sweet. The toadstool became the stepping off point for most of the decorations.

The invitation

Our gift to Grace, wooden tree blocks

The Cake
The whole family had fun making the cake this year! The children helped to make the fondant critters and Grace helped make the cake. I love how it turned out!

The Decorations

The Food
Since the party was from 2-4 I didn't serve lunch. Instead we served small snacks and had cake!
I made bird nests out of chocolate and shredded wheat and put in some raspberries. I also tried to make fiddle head fern breadsticks but they didn't turn out looking like ferns at all! Fortunately, the girls didn't care! We had fairy punch (pink lemonade) and milk to drink.

The Activities
The girls made woodland fairy houses. They turned out really cute! They took them home along with one of the fairies hanging from the chandelier. We also made a fairy spell for good luck. Grace came up with this idea from a book her Aunt Delita sent her. We mixed up the spell and then sent bags home with instructions on how to complete the spell.



Mixing up the spell

Of course we ate cake and sang Happy Birthday


  1. No, it's Gran.
    Have been checking regularly for the birthday post! What marvelous photos. I love the detail and creativity. What fun and fantasy. Never too long a post, ever.

  2. Love the cake and fairies hanging from the chandelier! The picture of the latter looks professional, by the way! I am happy to hear that Grace enjoyed herself. I cannot believe that she's seven!!! Love and miss you!

  3. Is this a "Normal" birthday party now a days? Every year I am amazed at what you do. I have never seen anything like it. Wonderful job and I agree with Dad, never too long.

  4. WOW! What fun. Now I see why you and Kelly are friends. It all looks so wonderful!

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog. I made it back over your way. Your party is adorable. I love your cake! My goodness, I'd love to take that on but I'm not so much of a baker....
    I would love to learn a little more about your fairies (looking for some just like what you had), and the fairy houses. I was going to make some out of peat moss planters but these are very cute too. We must discuss.

  6. what an absolutely gorgeous fairy party. Love that it seemed "authentic fairy" and not "Disney-fied" fairy. Please tell - where did you find the gorgeous tiny fairies hanging from the (ceiling)? Website or store? They are so perfect. xoxo MMW

  7. Such a cute cute cute job!! Love it.

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  9. MMW-Thanks for your kind words! I got the fairies at a local toy store (not a chain). They were about 50 cents apiece. I looked on one of the fairies and they don't have any identifying marker for who makes them! Sorry not to be of much help.

  10. Absolutely too cute! Love the cake! And the activity was so creative!

  11. Love the fairy houses! What an adorable party!

  12. I LOVE this party!!! Unique, creative, fun and fabulous!!
    I just did a post on my party blog about it....hope that was ok! :)

  13. Hi! I featured your woodland fairy party today at my blog! Such a cute party!

  14. What a phenomenal idea. I love the creativity. Kudos to you. So impressed by the cake!

    ~ humps

  15. Hi,
    I am planning a fairy party for our local library during February vacation. I was wondering if you would help me out by giving me some details on your party. Specifically could you give me the recipe for your cake and would you also be willing to give me instructions for the craft. What materials you use, etc... I love your ideas. As someone already mentioned I love how it does not have the disney flair to it. It seems so much more natural for children! Thanks for any help you can offer.

  16. Hi Joanne! For this particular cake we sort of made it up as we went along. I used a Wilton cupcake mold (cake size, at Michaels) and we carved the cake from that. The rest is just icing and fondant for the critters. I got inspiration for the critters from a MS Kids back issue. The fairy houses I bought as a kit just because that was easier and less time consuming to make but they were just heavy cardboard (I probably have pictures of the before). If you would like more specific details just send me your email and I'll see what I can do. Thanks! Anna

  17. Hi Anna,
    Thank you so much for replying so quickly. My email address is:
    Thank you again for your wiliness to share. I hope you don't mind but,
    I have bookmarked your blog. You have such great ideas!

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  24. Love this party! Can you please tell me where you bought the woodland fairy house kits?

    Thanks so much for any help.


  25. AJH- Thank you! I got the fairy house kit at:

    I noticed that she has gone up in price! I bought them when they were $10. Normally, I wouldn't have spent even that amount but they turned out really cute and I didn't have that many girls!


  26. I love you party I am going to make a mushroom cake as my babys personal cake. I am making all the girls costumes.
    love your party

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  30. Have had this party bookmarked for a while and finally getting to use it for my daughter's upcoming 4th birthday! Where did you get the cute toadstool clip art? I'm not finding any as nice in my initial quick search on-line or etsy. Also, did the cake feel sturdy? It's so cute but I'm a little nervous about the top heavy aspect! Thanks and keep the fun ideas coming.

  31. Dawn G- I got the toadstool tags on etsy! Here's the address-[0]=tags&includes[1]=title

    Also, the cake was very sturdy! We made it the night before and I was never worried about it toppling over. Have fun and I hope your daughter LOVES her fairy party! If you have any other questions feel free to email me!

  32. OK, I'm back with more questions! I'm sitting here looking at a bare cake from the giant cupcake pan. How much trimming did you do to get it to look like a smooth mushroom. Oh wait, did you use fondant icing for all of it? Just wondering if my regular can frosting is going to hug onto those little ridges and swirls or if it won't be noticeable if I glob it on thick. I can see trimming the peak off of the cupcake top and maybe rounding out the edges of the top overhang (though that seems risky). Just curious if you trimmed it totally smooth or if the icing just covered it (but your fondant icing might have been more forgiving, don't know). Thanks for your advice. I was able to borrow a giant cupcake pan from a friend (thank goodness).

    My party is tomorrow...and I'm also wondering if you are exhausted as I am after planning an elaborate party like this. I love to do it but by this night before, it's like transition in labor...gotta push through cause you're almost there (but feels like I might die)!

  33. Dawn- Bryce and I are sitting here trying to remember how much we trimmed. I believe that we did do trimming to make it smoother and filled in some with icing. Thick icing can make all the difference (we did not use fondant).

    We cut the top off of the cupcake and inverted the base to make it sturdier. However, I would only do this if your cake is pretty sturdy. The cake recipe that I use is really easy to cut and trim because it stays together.

    does that help at all?

    Yes, a party like this is exhausting. I do love it too but I'm not one to have it all done and ready and in bed by 10! Unfortunately, I have seen the very early morning hours preparing for a party. You really do just have to push through! Every year I remember that I'm crazy... but then I do it again.

    I hope that you will share pictures, good luck!

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