Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring Cleaning

I've been feeling the urge to throw open all the windows, clean out and clean up! As I wandered the aisles at Target (ok wander is not really the word to use seeing as how I did have Harris with me) I noticed this very attractive bottle of... toilet bowl cleaner. I fear that I might be hitting rock bottom considering that I am posting about a toilet bowl cleaner! What made me look at the cleaner was its attractive packaging. Remember my other cleaners? It makes me happier to clean if what I'm using is pretty (and smells nice too). Silly? Maybe. But I bought it anyway. And guess what? It really works, it's natural and it's non toxic. So today I bought the lavender glass cleaner! I hope it works as well because I can't stand streaky glass.

I think I might also need this Housekeepers box to keep all my supplies in.


  1. Anna - this is too funny! I was browsing the cleaning supplies at target earlier this week and came home with their hand soap. I fell for the packaging I just feel like a victim of clever marketing! :-)

  2. What fun looking supplies! You definitely need that cleaning box...soo you!



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