Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rainbow Cake

Happy St. Patrick's day!  Unfortunately, the Leprechauns were too smart for us and all they did was tip over our pot of gold and leave us a taunting note!  Harris is already working on a design for a new and improved trap for next year.  

We still celebrated the day.  We all wore green, the children ate Lucky Charms for breakfast (too sweet for Harris!),  I made soda bread and a traditional Irish dinner.  Bryce and I also went this evening to our friends' house (Sonja and Ryan's - Sonja is Irish) for an Irish celebration.  

Harris and I also made a rainbow cake.  Last month I saw a similar cake and thought it was so bright and cheery I've been waiting for an excuse to make it.  Harris put a lot of the M&M's on the cake but he also ingested quite a few as well!  


  1. What a fun day and a cute cake. Harris looks so serious working on his. I am sure he has his daddy's perfection gene! :)

    Kelly W.

  2. Hi - what a fun cake! How did you get the arch - is it a half of a bunt cake? Thanks!

  3. Hi Marcie! It is half a bunt cake! I just cut it in half and it worked perfectly. It was a really easy cake to make.


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