Thursday, March 5, 2009

Harris' tool bedroom

Yesterday was a busy day for us!  We started the day off with Harris stapling his finger (yes, he is fine) and myself falling down the basement stairs (yes, I'm fine).  Then we had our friends Cathy and Matthew over for a fun playdate.  When we picked Grace up from school we swung by the library because Grace wanted to pick up some new chapter books to read.  In between all of this Harris and I cleaned his room.  I still have not figured out why it takes so long for me to clean one room but it does.  Perhaps it's because we inevitably start cleaning out toys and books!  I absolutely love Harris' room and I realized that I've never put pictures up of his room. 

As you know I love a good theme and Harris LOVES to work so tools were the natural choice for his room.  His Gran made the absolutely amazing quilt and his Granpa Al made the wonderful workbench.  I love them both so much and so does Harris.  It's so special to have such meaningful things surrounding you.  

The quilt that Marilyn made, it's beautiful.  We put pegboard above his bed and used a Craftsman tool chest for his side table.

I love the hardware store alphabet signs from eeboo.  Al made the workbench.

Growing up this chest was in my sisters room!  We won the "I'm Mighty" painting at our grammar school's auction!

The detail on the quilt.  Marilyn made all different tools and supplies.

My Mom sewed all the buttons on the curtains.


  1. My! What a super room for Harris. What a spirit of cooperation! Cool tractor. Great waste basket idea.

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  4. where did you get the large wrench?

  5. also, did u frame the alphabet? if so where did u get the frames?

    1. Hello Amanda! My apologies for never replying to your questions! The alphabet is not framed, the cards just look like they are framed. Also, the wrench came from Pottery Barn Kids. I wish that I could pass it on to you as we have outgrown it!


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