Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Going green with napkins

We are trying to take steps to being greener in our house.  You wouldn't believe how many napkins we go through in a day (I can't even discuss paper towels!).  Two of my friends, Julie and Jen, both use cloth napkins instead of paper ones and they inspired me to try to do the same.  Except that I couldn't ever bring myself to do it.  I just imagined myself trying to keep up with even more laundry and I got discouraged.  

Last summer Julie gave me a nudge with some really lovely cloth napkins.  This evening I pulled them out to use.  And guess what?  I liked it!  It was nice to use cloth and lent a special touch to our evening meal.  I'm not yet promising to not use paper napkins for breakfast and lunch but I'm committed to using cloth with dinner.  In addition to the napkins that Julie gave me I also have two dozen basic white hotel napkins that I use for "special" occasions.  I guess every evening will be special now!  Maybe this means that I can start a new collection....


  1. Good for you! We used to use cloth all the time, but with children...I just don't. Maybe it is time to get back into the habit. What is one more load of laundry? I think I may blog about this too! Inspiration...you gotta love it!

  2. You know I have always used cloth napkins and love it. We don't wash them after every meal. We use napkin rings and put them back at our spot. We don't even buy paper napkins. I have tried giving up paper towels...that is a hard one!!!



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