Sunday, March 15, 2009

Children's clothes

Bryce and I have been working on cleaning out our basement and trying to get some semblance of order in what has been, until now, a colossal mess.  One of the tasks that I have been putting off for a very long time is that of sorting through the children's old clothes.  I have known that I wanted Marilyn to make a quilt of some of the clothes and I've known that I could not possibly keep all of them but it has been surprisingly hard for me to part with them!!  Those clothes represent such a precious and lovely time in my life.

Well, I finally went through them all and made various piles.  I put more aside to keep than I thought I would.  The clothes are so sweet and seem to me to be very classic, especially Grace's smocked dresses that she wore for special occasions.  I was hesitant to  save too many because how often do one's children's children actually wear the clothes that are saved?  Then I remembered two of my favorite things that my Mom saved and that Grace wore a good deal.  I consider both of them classic and have put them away to save for the next generation.

I adore this coat and even tried to get my Mom to let out the sleeves this year so that Grace could continue to wear it (it couldn't be done).  I'm so thankful that my Mom had saved it.

My Mom also saved four cardigans that Grace wore a great deal.  How sweet are they?  I wish I had some exactly like them to wear!

One of my fears about saving clothes in the basement is that of mold and mildew.  I am happy to report that I think we have found the answer!  Several years ago I put away some baby items in vacuum bags and they seemed to have worked beautifully.  I opened them and they smell fresh and are in great condition.  An added bonus is that they take up very little space.  What would take up at least two bins now fits in one with room to spare.  




  1. That coat is precious...wish I had one of those!

    I know how you feel about saving clothes. It is hard to get rid of special things.


  2. You know my attachments to a child's clothes and that I am in complete agreement with you. The coat is not unlike a coat I had when small. My big sister Joyce wove parts of it into a wool rug for me. I remember and love the green sweater! The children both look so good in that green.


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