Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Washer/Dryer Top

Last year when I shared our basement laundry room my Mom jokingly gave me a hard time for posting about my laundry room but never showing the washer and dryer!  As you may remember, our laundry room is not really a finished space but rather a spruced up part of our basement (which is more like a cellar).  I didn't show the washer/dryer because it is literally just a washer/dryer sitting in front of a cement wall (that is not even painted a cute color).  Pretty boring stuff.

However, we recently added a top to the washer and dryer and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out!  I've been wanting a stainless steel shelf on top of the machines for a while but several things have stopped me.  1. I didn't know where to go to get a piece of stainless steel  2. The imagined cost  and 3.  Laziness (as in not bothering to find out answers to the first two questions!).

One day while flipping through my Martha Stewart Living I saw a washer and dryer topped with just what I was looking for.  I almost fainted when I flipped to the resources section and discovered that it was IKEA.  In one full swoop all of my reasons for not getting a top were flung out the window.

The top is the Vika Hyttan at Ikea and it works beautifully.  It gives me a really nice place to fold clothes and to keep laundry essentials right where I need them.  In order to keep it from moving around when the washer and dryer get to spinning really fast, we doubled a sheet of rug pad under the top.  It doesn't move at all!

P.S.  Can we talk about how cute my little laundry basket from Cath Kidston is?  I adore it- even though it's really too small for a family of four!


  1. I love your stainless steel top! Oh my word - totally clever! And I also love your carpet tiles in front of your washer/dryer - nice way to keep your toe warm and the area tidy! Cares

  2. Love it! Ikea is so clever to make one designed for that. Fantastic.

  3. I'm delighted that your space is improved and made handier for you. And with relatively little effort!

  4. I love this!! Can I ask where what department the top was in at IKEA? Was it a table top or was it specifically supposed to be a washer/dryer top? I think I need one of these! LOL :)

  5. Caroline- So sorry, I meant to go back and link to the top before I posted but I forgot! I've fixed the link in the post but it is the Vika Hyttan tabletop and there are two sizes! The larger worked best for us but it does go over the sides by a few inches! You definitely need one!!!!

  6. Thanks for posting the link!!! It looks great!

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