Friday, December 9, 2016

Harris' Desk

At some point, Harris decided that he wanted to design and build himself a desk.  If I'm totally honest, I never thought it would happen, but sure as the world turns, he did indeed design and, with Al's help, build himself a desk for exactly the spot he envisioned it.

He measured and made plans for exactly what he wanted.

Fortunately, Al was here to help hone in on the plans, make a materials list and help bring Harris' vision to life.

His finished desk has room for his folders, papers and a drawer for odds and ends.  There's also a secret compartment, but even I don't know where it is (and I've looked!).  But really, what boy doesn't want a secret compartment?  It's pretty awesome all the way around.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

A Wreath on the Barn

I think it always takes a while to get ones Christmas decorations figured out in a new house, and this house has been no exception.  Some things are obvious, this house absolutely called out for candles in each window, and others just take time to come to fruition.

However, one thing we knew for sure we wanted was a wreath on the barn!  We have really lovely views out of the back of the house looking toward the barn and it so nice to get glimpses of the twinkly lights on the barn as we go about our evening.  Now if only we had some snow to complete this picture...

Monday, December 5, 2016

Crafting/Wrapping Station

 Grace and I both love to make stuff.  I don't do very complicated crafting, but I certainly like to have my craft and wrapping things organized and accessible.  In our last house, I had a behind the door wrapping/crafting station that was very useful and I knew that I wanted something similar here at Frog's Hollow.

We converted one of the bedrooms to a TV room (pictures to come) and it made sense to put the crafting stuff here.  Using Oh Happy Day's amazing crafting board as inspiration, we created a peg board for a blank wall in the room and I'm so pleased with how it turned out.

I love that not only is it extremely functional, but it adds lots of fun color to the room!

My crafting table, the top is self healing, is from the now defunct Martha By Mail catalogue (oh, how I miss it).  I love how it is super skinny but by simply popping out both of the ends it becomes a long table!  More often than not, I simply pull out one side to craft.  

I also put a light in the room that could be swung around and used for crafting.

Al and Bryce made the simple frame around the peg board.  I think it makes the whole thing look finished.  Al also made the shelves for me which, I think, are what make the whole thing super functional. 

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A Vintage Rug and Picture Frames on the Wall

One evening, while searching the Internet for something completely unrelated, I came upon this vintage striped wool runner and knew it would be perfect for the hallway that the children's rooms are off of.  Because it was one of a kind, I knew that I couldn't wait or it would be gone,  I was forced to make a quick decision and I am so glad that I did as I love the color and warmth it adds to the space!

Also, we got some pictures up on the wall!  I got the picture frames from IKEA and had 8x10's of some of our favorite pictures made.  For me, putting up photos and art on the walls is what makes our house feel more like home.

Monday, November 28, 2016


This year we had a Friendsgiving celebration with dear friends.  Our boys are long time friends, as are we, and it was so fun to spend the afternoon together.  Our only disappointment was that Dominique was not feeling well and couldn't join us.  We did get lucky in that it wasn't too, too cold and we were able to stay fairly warm by the fire, in the barn during lunch and by taking a walk around Frog's Hollow after we ate (while the children played a game of manhunt).

We set up long tables in the barn so that we were all able to eat together.  Up until we sat down, Bryce had a heater going that kept it a little warmer than it might otherwise have been.

Pulling the lunch together was easy as we made it a potluck.  Trying to keep the flavor of Thanksgiving, without recreating the traditional meal, I made turkey potpies, Cathy brought delicious desserts, and Domenique created appetizers to munch on.  We also had warm cider and a side salad. It was a perfect meal and a perfect afternoon with friends.



I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with loved ones and good food.  We certainly had both!

We even managed to fit in a walk before heading to my sisters for dinner!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Harris' Room

I thought I'd follow up with some pictures of Harris' room now that he's living in it.  For the most part, his room has stayed like it was before (messy!), with the exception of his desk and bookshelves.

We added a Craftsman bookshelf that we thought went along with his craftsman tool chest turned nightstand.

He's showing off his collection of park patches on his pin board!

Fun fact: His headboard, footboard and dresser were all my sisters growing up.

His beloved Hogwarts poster was a Christmas gift from his Grandma last year.

I would hate for anyone to have the impression that his room is ever really tidy.  The majority of the time his floor looks a little something like this...

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