Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Camp in the Adirondacks

While we were in the Adirondacks we were lucky enough to get invited by our dear friends to visit their camp for the day (we ended up going 2 days!).  The camp has been in their family since 1918 and the fifth generation is now enjoying it!

Our first day was overcast and chilly and therefore we spent the day hiking, playing and eating!  We were also witness to one incredible sunset!

Our second day (who can resist time on the lake and with friends?) was spent on the lake!  It was sunny and warm and a perfect day to sit on a dock or play in the water!

A highlight of the day was being offered a ride in this boat.  Neighbors across the lake own this 1920's boat and were kind enough to take us around the lake in her.  It is the most beautiful boat I've ever seen.  

Also?  There were doughnuts involved.  The doughnuts were available to purchase inside the local laundromat, naturally.  Of course, we couldn't resist.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Airstream Adventure #6- The Adirondacks

Last week, we took an end of the summer Airstream trip to the Adirondacks.  It was a truly wonderful trip that was full of all the best of what summer offers.  Here are some snapshots...

Our campsite, at Fish Creek Pond Campground, was amazing.  We were right on the lake and were able to open up The SilverFrog to enjoy terrific views everyday.  Also, the children were able to play and swim in the lake right from our site which kept everyone happy and occupied.

At the site next to ours, which happened to be empty, there was a rope swing that was amazing and so, so fun for the children.  I can't think of a more quintessential summer activity!

 The most darling ice-cream truck would make its way around the campground offering up scooped ice cream cones!  It had bells on its wheels to let you know it was coming and was utterly charming.

We had fires each night and I tried my hand at cooking in a dutch oven for the first time (it went well, but I need a bigger one).

We went kayaking for a full 7 hours one day- at the end of which I was fairly sure that I had lost the use of my arms.  We paddled through beautiful creeks and open water, we paddled to an island to have lunch amidst tall pines, we swam in the lake and warmed ourselves on the rocks, we even dubbed one rock a mini Rainier...

Friday, August 22, 2014

Favorite Things #44

For Christmas this past year my Mom gave me a set of 3BBags which are reusable produce bags.  They are intended to replace plastic produce bags at the grocery store and I love the concept of them.  After all, I dutifully try to remember to tote all my bags into the market to load our groceries in, but then use a dozen little plastic ones for our fresh fruits and vegetables.  Unfortunately, I still sometimes struggle with remembering to bring them into the store with me!  The bags come in various sizes and I appreciate that one of the sizes is really large so that my lettuce can fit in without getting torn apart and squashed.

I have loved having them at our CSA this summer.  They are perfect to bring home our haul in and I have been stopped at the farm many times asking where I got the bags!  The only caution I would give you is that they aren't perfect for actually storing greens in the refrigerator.  I've found that the greens go limp more quickly if left in the bags.  My solution is to go ahead and wash everything and store in in the appropriate container (often ziploc bags saved and reused for this purpose).

Thursday, August 21, 2014

An Ice Cream Scoop

I recently bought a wood handled ice cream scoop that we absolutely love!  It even came in it's original, crumbly, falling apart box.  The Gilchrist Company made scoops for ice cream parlors and consumers in the early 1900's and used the logo, "Better Than Need Be Goods."  Apparently, the quality was so good that it has made their value as collectables rather low since they are still in abundance in the marketplace!  Which is happy for us as we can find one and use it without worrying a bit about preserving it.  In fact, I didn't even keep the box as I have no intention of getting rid of it.

I recently realized that I have a collection that I never even realized that I was collecting! Apparently, I have a soft spot for wooden handled kitchen utensils.  Actually, very few of these were purchased by me.  Many/most of them were given to me from my mother-in-law who got them from banks/stores in Iowa!  Apparently, banks used to give out these wood handled utensils as a thank you to new or loyal customers.  What's wonderful about them is that they are such good quality items (many were made in Japan).  You just can't beat something that looks good, feels good and gets the job done.

Time and again these are the utensils I reach for, in fact the long handled spoon on the left is one that I use every single day while cooking dinner!

P.S.  The toffee ice cream that is in the scoop above was declared by Harris as "the best ice cream I've ever had."  I got the recipe from  "Ample Hills Creamery: Secrets and Stories From Brooklyn's Favorite Ice Cream Shop."

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Few Airstream Touches

We finally took the Airstream out this weekend for a quick trip and it was so wonderful!  We love her so.  We've recently added a few more homey touches that are starting to make it feel even more like our home away from home.

I found this little oil painting quite by accident and knew right away that we needed it in the Airstream. Mary Maxam painted the sweet piece and I love what she said about it in an email we exchanged:  "We were passing through one of the small towns in South Eastern Idaho when this little Airstream stopped and blinkered right, then left, then right again and it was fun to think about them just trying to figure out what adventure to go forward with!"

Also, I found a CatStudio pillow of the United States in our local consignment shop and couldn't pass it up.  We already have two of their state pillows (they were special gifts) and felt like one in the Airstream would be appropriate.

My sister gave us CatStudio dishtowels for the National Parks we visited on our trip West and they are very cheery and homey in the kitchen.

We've also added a map of the United States to keep track of our travels.  This map is specifically for keeping track of National Parks visited, but we are also putting map pins in every place that we visit with the Airstream.  

Monday, August 18, 2014

Vacation Books

Typically, before we go on vacation I find a book about our place of travel for the children to read. Before our trip to Washington I took it a step further and found something to read for myself!  Broken for You by Stephanie Kallos takes place in Seattle, Washington.  It was such a great book and I highly recommend it!  I couldn't find a book for children specific to the National Parks in Washington nor Seattle, but Our Only May Amelia by Jennifer Holmes at least takes place in the state of Washington.

I think reading fiction about your destination helps to get a sense of place about where it is you are visiting and it's super fun to recognize things that have been mentioned in the book.  I think I'm going to make it a practice to always find a book for me about our vacation destination and continue to do so for the children.  In order to find the books, I did a google search and I thought I'd share some of the resources I found...

For children:

For adults:

Friday, August 15, 2014

Chamomile Tea

The other day we had a rainy day that was welcome in our household as we sort of huddled up and didn't do much for the day.  I did take the time to try my hand at making some chamomile tea using chamomile from our garden.  Though very subtle, Grace and I both agreed that it was tasty and perfect for a rainy day spent indoors.

Chamomile Tea
3 heaping tablespoons fresh chamomile flowers
3 cups water
honey to taste

Place the flowers in a teapot.  Bring the water to a boil and immediately pour into the teapot. Steep for 5-10 minutes.  Pour the tea through a strainer in to cups and add a tad of honey if desired.

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