Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Baskets

I loved the children's Easter baskets this year.  As always, they were themed and this year it was all about books and bunnies!

For Grace there were books, a silver bunny bookmark, a chocolate book, bookworms and a t-shirt of a favorite book (with bunnies on it!).

For Harris there were books, bookplates, a chocolate book, and bookworms.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Little Easter Breakfast Buffet

We arrived home on Saturday and with the time change and no prep time, I knew that I wanted to do something a little special for Easter breakfast, but it needed to be quick (I knew that everyone would want to sleep in and we had church to make) and easy (I wasn't yet in the groove of cooking again!).

I decided on a mini breakfast buffet of hard boiled eggs, make your own yogurt parfaits and bunny tails.  It was a hit and I would definitely do it again.

I got the idea for the doughnut bunny tails at Lark and Linen.  However, instead of making the doughnut holes from scratch, I bought pre-made doughnut holes, covered them in white chocolate and rolled them in coconut.  They were easy, tasty and darling!

We hard boiled eggs and drew fun faces on them which tickled the children to no end.

For the parfaits, I just put out yogurt, fruit and granola- I didn't even decant the yogurt!

Harris made a yogurt bunny using his bunny tail!  Sometimes simple is best...

Grace made a cute Easter card that added the perfect festive touch to our buffet!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Sunday

I hope that everyone had the loveliest of Easters just as we did.  As we were gone for 9 days before Easter we didn't have any of the lead up to Easter Sunday- no egg hunts, egg painting or carrot dinners! I felt a little guilty about missing a year but I let it go and honestly, I didn't hear any complaints since we were busy living it up in California!

After church, we went to my sister's house to have lunch together.  She fixed a delicious Easter meal complete with my favorite dessert- creme brûlée (lavender no less!).  It was a really nice afternoon spent with family!

(this was one of our Grandmother's china patterns- so lovely)

It seems silly to post this picture of me that Harris snapped, but I wanted to note my vintage (ish) Easter dress. I found it at the consignment store for next to nothing and loved it!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Close Call

(chicken soup I made at the start of the bug)

Hello!  We are back from our wonderful California adventure, and though I'm looking forward to going through the pictures and writing posts about our vacation, I have to share how it almost looked like we weren't going to get to go as planned.  Our travel day was on a Thursday and on Monday I got a call from Grace's school that she was ill and needed to come home.  She was in fact so ill that she ended the day in the hospital receiving fluids and Zofran to help stop the continuous nausea she was experiencing. It was a doozy of a stomach bug and we were all thankful that she got it before our vacation.  However, on Wednesday Harris awoke at 5 in the morning with it and though it wasn't as severe as Grace's he was still down for the count.  Wednesday afternoon, I started feeling not so great and was miserable (and of no use- thank goodness I had already packed) for the rest of the evening.

You guys, we seriously had no idea what to do!  Our tickets and hotel (Disney) were none refundable and I didn't buy travel insurance (I never have, do you?).  Thankfully, we awoke Thursday morning feeling ok enough to literally limp onto the plane.  We all started feeling better from there and fortunately Bryce never got ill.  However, the children didn't start eating normally until well into our vacation which was a bit of a bummer.   So there you have it, the vacation that was scarily close to not happening!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Small Gallery Wall

A funny thing happened when I thought we would be moving to a farmhouse... I stopped doing projects around the house.  It wasn't intentional but every time I thought of something I might like to do I put it off thinking I didn't want to "waste" money or time.  Even though I love and enjoy my house I started to focus on the things I didn't like about it instead of the things that I love.  I think I was subconsciously separating from the house!  Has this happened to you?  As soon as the farmhouse fell through I had a rush of ideas and projects that I immediately wanted to get done (so there might be a profusion of house stuff in the coming months)!

One of the things that I've actually gotten accomplished has been to start a bit of a gallery wall behind the sofa.  The painting that I've had behind the sofa is one that my friend Leslie painted.  I love it and it's been perfect behind the sofa but I had a few things that I wanted to group together and the sofa made sense; I'll be finding a new place for the hydrangea painting.

I really like the way it turned out, though I'm not sure that it's "done."  I'm totally open to adding more if something presents itself!  Also, I had the "read instead" print framed with museum glass and it makes such a huge difference that I took the Pottery Barn frame that I used for the cross-stitched family portrait and had museum glass put in it too.  I love it and think it's worth every penny not to always have a glare.  We also added the Airstream painting and our family portrait.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Favorite Thing #41

For as long as I can remember, Grace and I have used floral, scented drawer liners from Crabtree and Evelyn in our drawers.  They are particularly welcome in drawers that have been previously loved by other owners.  We immediately fitted some in Grace's new dresser since even after dusting and scrubbing drawers it's nice to put your unmentionables and other clothing on fresh, sweet smelling paper!  I love that it's a sweet, private detail that simply makes your drawers just a bit lovelier!  Sometimes it truly is the little things that make a difference!

P.S.  Grace picked out lavender for her new drawers but I still love this pattern.

Friday, April 4, 2014

A Biography Project

Harris recently was assigned a poster biography project at school.  He picked Steve Jobs since he knew how much Bryce loves Apple products and was excited to work with Bryce on his poster.  Honestly, I think Bryce enjoyed the project even more than Harris did!  He said it was fascinating to go back and read about the genius of Steve Jobs and his incredible journey!
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